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CPA Activities: The Canadian SceneCPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

12th Canadian Presiding Officers Conference Yellowknife, NWT

Delegates from every jurisdiction, except Quebec, travelled to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories for the 12th Canadian Presiding Officers Conference, January 26-12, 1995. The President of the Quebec National Assembly was due to take part but an extraordinary session of the National Assembly preventing his attendance.

The conference was held in Canada's newest legislative building, opened in November 1993 and widely-praised by visitors from around the world.

Following welcoming remarks by the Acting Speaker of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly, Brian Lewis, there was a round table discussion on procedural and administrative happenings in each jurisdiction.

The next session dealt with "Search Warrants Inside the Parliament Buildings" A paper prepared by Pierre Duchesne, Secretary-General, National Assembly of Quebec was read by Gwenn Ronyk, Clerk of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. Mr. Duchesne concluded that it is the duty of the President or Speaker to ensure that the rights and privileges of the Assembly and its Members take precedence over the requirements of justice by refusing to allow the execution of a search warrant for offices within the precincts of the legislature, or by deferring it to a later date.

Another paper entitled 1mpartiality of the Speaker vs. Effective Constituent Representation" was presented by the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, David M. Hamilton.

Retirement of Ian Imrie, Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Region, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

In December 1994, Ian Imrie retired from the House of Commons and as Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Region, CPA.

He came to Parliament Hill in 1964 and within two years had organised two of the largest international parliamentary conferences ever held in Canada, one for the Inter-Parliamentary Union and one for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. His work with parliamentary associations over the next thirty years made him one of the best known members of the parliamentary community both in Canada and around the world. He took a particular interest in the activities of the Canadian Region of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association which consists of all the federal, provincial and territorial legislators. Instrumental in establishing projects including the Canadian Parliamentary Review in 1977, he was the last remaining member of the original Editorial Board. His experience and wise counsel will be missed by those who worked with him.

Duties performed by Ian Imrie have been divided among three people: Micheline Rondeau-Parent, becomes Deputy Principal Clerk, Committees and Parliamentary Associations Directorate. Mary MacDougall becomes Secretary of the Canadian Branch of CPA. The new Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Region of CPA is Paul Bélisle, Clerk of the Senate.


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