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Outreach Programs for Legislators in Saskatchewan
Glenn Hagel
The Parliamentary Conference of the Americas: An Unprecedented Event
Jean-Pierre Charbonneau
Developing Good Media Relations
Maureen Boyd; Richard Cléroux; Barry McLoughlin
Round Table: The Use and Abuse of Voice Mail
Bill Murdoch; Gilles Morin; Gilles Bisson; Bill Wood; Bob Wood
Nancy Hodges: Speaker and Trailblazer
Margaret Boyes
South Africa's New Upper Chamber
Gary O'Brien
Democratic Representation in Latin America: Old and New Challenges
Andrés Perez
Speaker's Ruling
The Use of Royal Recommendation
Gil Molgat
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 20 no 2, summer 1997

Legislative and Executive Building Regina 1907
by Edward Maxwell
Courtesy of National Gallery of Canada

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