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New Opportunities for Women Parliamentarians
Hon. Sue Barnes
A Note on Party Switchers
Desmond Morton
Crossing the Floor, Conflict of Interest and the Parliament of Canada Act
David Gussow
Identities and Ideas: Participation of Young Legislators in the Canadian House of Commons
J.P. Lewis
Challenging the Chair
Tim Mercer
Visible Minority Candidates in the 2004 Federal Election
Jerome H. Black; Bruce M. Hicks
100th Anniversary of the Opening of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
Margaret A. Woods
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Governor General and the Prime Ministers: The Making and Unmaking of Governments by Edward McWhinney
Tom Urbaniak
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Québécoises et représentation parlementaire by Manon Tremblay.
Line Gravel
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 29 no 2, summer 2006

Summer on the Hill
by Shirley Van Dusen
Courtesy of the artist

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