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The Future of the Crown in Canada
Edward McWhinney
The Road to Electoral Reform
Scott Reid, M.P.
Challenges Facing Rural Communities: A Newfoundland and Labrador Perspective
Roger Fitzgerald, MHA
Funding Officers of Parliament
Kristen Douglas; Nancy Holmes
Advance Polls and the "Late Switch" in the 2004 Election
Chris Cattle; Barry Kay
Laurier and Honours' Patronage in Early 20th Century Canadian Politics
Christopher McCreery
Geographic Representation and Electoral Reform
Hilary Pearse
Evolution of the Ontario Standing Orders Since 1985
Adam McDonald
The Table Research Branch – 25 Years of Service to the House of Commons
Audrey O'Brien
Pre-budget Consultations in British Columbia
Jonathan Fershau; Kate Ryan-Lloyd; Josie Schofield
Triumvirate: A North American Interparliamentary Innovation
Christine Fréchette
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Elections by John Courtney
Dennis Pilon
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CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 28 no 3, autumn 2005

Green Gables PEI
by Tony Diodati
Courtesy of the artist

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