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Plebiscites in a Parliamentary Democracy
J. Patrick Boyer
A Politician's Perspective on Economic Theory
Willliam Green
Information Services in a Small Legislature
Arthur Donahoe
Research Services in Congress and Parliament
Hugh Finsten; Joseph Ross
Legislators and Newspapers: A Preliminary Survey
Gaston Bernier
New Directions in Public Accountability
Ed Phillips
Interview: W.B. Strachan, Angus Ree, Colin Gabelmann, Austin Pelton (House Leaders, Whips and Deputy Speaker in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 11 no 4, winter 1988-89

The meetings of Captains Vancouver and Quadra at Nooka Sound in 1792
by George H. Southwell
Courtesy of British Columbia Legislative Assembly

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