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The Case of "The Kid Who Couldn't Miss"
Jean Le Moyne
The Budget Process in Western Canadian Legislative Assemblies
Christopher Dunn
The Queen in Saskatchewan
Gordon Barnhart
Judicial Review of the Legislative Process: The Case of Manitoba Language Rights
Michael Beaupré
Congress and the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement
Raymond Ahearn; Francis Miko
The Commons Then and Now: Visitors
Marc Bosc
Parliamentary Book Shelf
"So what are the Boys Saying?" An inside Look at Brian Mulroney in Power by Michel Gratton and ,Friends in High Places by Claire Hoy and The Insiders: Government Business & the Lobbyists by John Sawatsky
Anthony Wright
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Quebec's Parliament Buildings: Witness To History by Luc Noppen and Gaston Deschenes
Serge Pelletier
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 10 no 4, winter 1987-88

Before the White Man
Mural hanging in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

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