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Desktop Publishing: A New Technology for Parliamentarians
Gary Levy
The Speakership and Independence: A Tradition in the Making
Marcel Danis
The Parliamentary Tradition in Canada
Pierre Lorrain
Privacy in Canada: Some Comparisons
Tom Riley
The Office of Architect of the Capitol
George White
Diary of A Parliamentarian: Visit to Nicaragua
David Warner
A Tradition in the Making: The Speakership and Independence
Marcel Danis
Interview: Greg Stevens, Pam Barrett, Bettie Hewes, Ray Speaker
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Memoirs by René Lévesque
Michèle Marcadier
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Party That Changed Canada: The New Democratic Party, Then And Now by Lynn McDonald, M.P.,
Randy Colwell
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Case Of Valentine Shortis: A True Story Of Crime And Politics In Canada by Martin L. Friedland,
John Holtby
Speaker's Ruling
Jurisdiction Over the Precincts of the Legislature
John Reynolds
Speaker's Ruling
Protection of Members Against Civil Actions
David Carter
Speaker's Ruling
Motions to Supersede Routine Proceeding
John Fraser
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 10 no 2, summer 1987

Desktop Publishing
Martine Bresson

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