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CPA Activities: The Canadian SceneCPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Meeting of Regional Council

The Canadian Regional Council of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association held its annual meeting in Ottawa on May 30, 1987.

The outgoing Chairman of the Association, Speaker Hugh Edighoffer of Ontario reported on the various seminars and conferences held in Canada during the past year. He noted that there seemed to be considerable interest in activities of the association among federal, provincial and territorial parliamentarians.

The Canadian Regional Representatives to CPA, Lloyd Crouse, Herb Swan and Pierre Lorrain presented reports on international conferences and meeting of the CPA. The Council then proceeded to nominate a person to replace Speaker Lorrain on the CPA international executive since his three year term had expired. For the first time in many years there was more than one candidate for the position. Following a secret ballot the name of Speaker Edighoffer will be presented to the CPA meeting in Malaysia this September. The Speaker of the British Columbia legislature, John Reynolds, was nominated as an alternate for Speaker Edighoffer. After considerable discussion as to whether it was possible under the constitution to name alternates to persons already in office it was agreed that Speaker Don Stewart of the Northwest Territories would serve as an alternate to Herb Swan on the Executive Committee.

The time and place of a number of future regional meetings were discussed. The 27th Regional Conference will take place in Saskatchewan in July 1987. Prince Edward Island, Alberta and New Brunswick were confirmed as venues for the 1988, 1989 and 1990 conferences respectively. The annual seminar on parliamentary procedure and practice will take place in Ontario during the fall of 1987 and the Fifth conference of Presiding Officers will be held in New Brunswick in 1988. The Council agreed to one special seminar to be financed from the program

enrichment fund. A seminar on Canadian-United States Fisheries and Agricultural Trade issues will be organised by the Centre for Legislative Exchange.

The meeting concluded with a discussion, initiated by Speaker David Carter of Alberta, concerning the timing of future meetings of parliamentarians and clerks and possible ways to reduce costs associated with such activities.

Conference in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan will be hosting the 27th Regional Conference which will begin in Regina on Monday, July 20, 1987. After two days of working sessions delegates will be give an opportunity to see some of the province and the conference will conclude with two days of sessions in Saskatoon.

Among the topics on the agenda are: "Native Self-Government and Land Claims", "Free Trade and Regional Interests", "The Parliamentarian and the Press", "Conflict of Interest", "Immigration and the Question of Refugees", "Education and the Teaching of the Basics". The final session is will deal with "Politics and Moral Questions".

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