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Origin of Regional Parliamentary Conferences
Gary Levy
Televising Legislative Proceedings In The United States
Lawrence Janezich
Reforming The House
Reginald Stackhouse
A Former Members' of Parliament Association?
John Reid
Law and Regulatory Reform in Quebec
Herbert Marx
Life of Beauchesne II: The League for the Advancement of Education
Gary Levy
Speaker's Ruling
Private Bills versus public bills 15, 1985.
John Bosley
Interview: Rene Blondin, Secretary General,
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Strengthening Canada, Reform of Canada's Senate by The Alberta Select Special Committee on Upper House Reform
Louis Massicotte
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 8 no 2, summer 1985

Debate over the choice of the first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada 1793
by Charles Huot
Courtesy of the Québec National Assembly

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