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Association of Clerks at the Table in Canada
Henry Muggah

At the time this article was written Henry Muggah was Clerk of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly and Past President of the Association.

A challenging agenda faced the Clerks at the 11th Annual Meeting of the Association in Winnipeg, August 2 - 4, 1979, following a warm welcome by Hon. Harry E. Graham, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.

Represented were all Provinces and Territories except Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia whose members were detained at home by legislative or governmental responsibilities. Welcomed for the second time as an observer was Mr. Patrick E. Flahaven, Secretary of the Senate of Minnesota, and immediate past president. of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries.

The topics for discussion and the jurisdiction leading it included:

Private Members Bills (Quebec)

Administration and Reorganization of the National Assembly (Quebec)

Televising of Debates (Saskatchewan)

Motion To Refer (Northwest Territories)

Amendment of Money Bills (Northwest Territories)

A Matter of Privilege (Northwest Territories)

Hour of Ordinary Adjournment (Nova Scotia)

Responsibilities of the Clerk other Than Procedural (Federal)

Relationship of the Clerk with the Speaker and the House (Ontario)

The challenge of the agenda was well and ably met by the delegates in productive discussions and analysis of each topic.

In addition, the feasibility of joint meetings of the Association and the American Society was explored, leading to a consensus that they could well be productive.

The invitation of Prince Edward Island to meet there in 1980 was gratefully accepted with the understanding that the time and place would be fixed by that Province.

Officers for the coming year:

President: Mr. Pierre Duchesne, Assistant Secretary General of the Quebec National Assembly

Vice-president: Ms. Gwenn Ronyk, First Assistant Clerk of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

Secretary: Mr. Harold W. Brown, Clerk Assistant of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

The hospitality, which included dinners, a riverboat cruise and an outdoor barbecue, was superb and certainly well appreciated by all who attended.


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