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CPA Activities: The Canadian SceneCPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

New Speaker in Ontario

There is a new Speaker in Ontario following the resignation of Allan McLean. Chris Stockwell’s political career began with the Etobicoke Board of Control when he became the youngest member ever elected to the Board. With this victory, he also became a member of Etobicoke and Metropolitan Toronto Councils. While working at this grass-roots local level, he handled Etobicoke’s financial and personnel matters and was also a member of several other Council committees. He was re-elected to this position in November 1985.

Prior to being elected at the provincial level, Mr. Stockwell was the representative on Metro Council for the Etobicoke Ward of Lakeshore/Queensway. He was elected to this position in November of 1988 and served until September 1990. While at Metro Council, he was a member of two very controversial committees: Market Value Assessment and Sunday Shopping. He served on the Standing Committees that included: Economic Development and Planning, Waterfront, and Parks and Property. During this time, he was also the Chair of the Metro O’Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts.

He was first elected to the Provincial Legislature on September 6, 1990 and was appointed by the Leader, Mr. Harris to be critic in the Conservative shadow cabinet for Finance and Revenue. In subsequent years, Mr. Stockwell has held critic responsibilities for Management Board, GTA, Energy, and Municipal Affairs.

He was re-elected on June 8, 1995, to serve his second term as MPP for Etobicoke West and was a member of the Ombudsman Committee. On October 3, 1996, he was elected as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Twentieth Canadian Regional Seminar

The annual seminar organized by the Canadian Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association was held in Fredericton from October 25-27, 1996.

Attendance was reduced slightly as a result of the Liberal National Convention in Ottawa and a provincial election in Prince Edward Island however approximately forty delegates and observers attended and were treated to some interesting discussions.

The seminar was hosted by the Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, Danny Gay and four other Speakers attended including Dale Lovick (British Columbia), Stanley Schumacher (Alberta), Louise Dacquay (Manitoba) and Lloyd Snow (Newfoundland and Labrador). The Speaker designate from Yukon, Robert Bruce, was also in attendance.

Some of the most lively discussion occurred during the first session on "Gambling as a Source of Revenue for Governments". Judy Gordon presented a paper on the Alberta experience (see article on p. 11 of this issue) and during the course of the morning it became apparent there are different views among legislators on the use of gambling to raise money, although most jurisdictions are now involved in gambling one way or another.

Another well researched paper was presented by Speaker Lovick on the role of the Speaker. He questioned whether Speakers can or should be expected to disavow all political affiliations during their speakership. He argued that while impartiality in the Chair was essential, it was straining credulity to think that occupants of the Chair suddenly cease to be active in their own political party. (See article on page 2).

The third session dealt with fixed term parliamentary election versus dissolution at pleasure. The lead speaker was Dennis Richards of Nova Scotia. It appeared there was general satisfaction among the delegates with the present system which leaves the choice of election date to the Prime Minister.

Mark Koenker of Saskatchewan was the lead speaker for the final session on personal conscience, caucus solidarity and social responsibility. He described the dilemma in which members sometimes find themselves when they disagree with a policy of their party on a particular issue.

The host of the seminar, the New Brunswick delegates and the staff of the Legislature went to great lengths to make sure that all delegates enjoyed their time in Fredericton.

Upcoming Events

The following CPA and related activities are scheduled to take place in 1997.

January 23-26Presiding Officers Conference,Edmonton

March 4-15Westminster Seminar,London, England

March 10Commonwealth Day

May 7-23Parliamentary Visit, UK(Federal Branch)

July 12Regional Council, Regina

July 13-18Regional Conference, Regina

September 18-22Conference on Free Trade in the Americas, Quebec

September 17-2543rd CPA International Conference, Mauritius

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