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Gary Levy
Parliamentary Scrutiny of Science Policy
Frank Maine
Parliamentary Control of Science Policy in the Quebec National Assembly
Réjean Landry
The Canadian Parliamentary Helsinki Group
Jack Silverstone
Proposals for a New Committee System in Ontario
Mike Breaugh
Ulysses, or The Member of Parliament from Quebec at the Turn of the Century
Paul Bernier
The Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation
Maurice Cutler
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Proposals for a New Committee System in Ontario
Bruce Fenton
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Committees in Legislatures: A Comparative Analysis by John D. Lees and Malcolm Shaw
Graham White
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Répertoire des parlementaires québecois 1867-1978
Louis Brillant
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Fifth Canadian Regional Seminar by the Canadian Region of CPA
Réjean Pelletier; David E. Smith
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 3 no 4, winter 1980-81

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