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Gary Levy
The Parliamentary Tradition In British Columbia
David Adams; Clarence Reser
The Transportation Revolution: Towards a New National Policy?
John Christopher
Telecommunications: Towards A National Policy
Brooke Jeffrey
Energy: Conservation, Diversification And Self-sufficiency
Richard Jennings
Fiscal Responsibility and Government Spending: The Socio-political Impact of the Balanced Budget
Lawrence Harris
In Pursuit of Public Opinion: Politics of Pressure Groups
Joe Gatner
Regionalism and the Future of Research and Development in Resource Based Economies
Marion Wrobel
Reforming Canadian Institutions: Progress And Prospects
Russell Ducasse
Parliamentary Book Shelf
National Security: The Legal Dimensions, study prepared for the McDonald Commission on R.C.M.P. Activities by M.L. Friedland
Philip Rosen
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Fiscal Position of the Provinces: The 1980 Budgets by Marie Burrows
L.C. Chen; W.S. Wu
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The British Columbia Parliament Buildings by Martin Segger
Diana Bodnar
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Report of the Standing Joint Committee on Regulations and other Statutory Instruments
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

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Vol 3 no 3, September 1980

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