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The Canadian Senate Reconsidered
Hon. Serge Joyal
One Land –Many Voices
Steven Nitah
Press Councils and Democracy
Graham Addley; Maria Kurylo
International Meeting of Parliamentarians Against Corruption
John Williams
The Trauma of Political Defeat
William Shaffir; Steven Kleinknecht
UNESCO’s Outreach to Parliamentarians
Ahmed Sayyad
The Speaker’s Baton – The Invention of a Tradition
Charles Robert
Two Upcoming Conferences in Quebec
Pierre de Bellefeuille; François Côté
Round Table on Private Members’ Business
Peter Adams; John Reynolds; Garry Breitkreuz; Ted White; Joe Jordan; Gerald Keddy; Paddy Torsney; Mauril Bélanger; Yvon Godin; John Bryden; Réal Ménard; Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral; Val Meredith; Ken Epp; Carolyn Parrish; Dale Johnston
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Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 25 no 3, autumn 2002

The Northwest Territories Legislative Building 1999
by William (Bill) Reid
Courtesy of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly

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