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Correcting Past Wrongs: When Is It The Government’s Responsibility?
Lois M. Moorcroft
Re-thinking Canada for the 21st Century
Hon. Donald Oliver, Senator
Will Referenda Make Government More Accountable
James Girling
Nova Scotia and the “Problem”of Minority Government
Stewart Hyson
Round Table: Conflict of Interest Guidelines:Too Little or Too Much?
Lindy Kasperski; Herb Dickieson; Sue Olsen; Gary Lunn; Kenneth Kowalski; Debby Carlson; Ed Picco; Conrad Santos; Dan D’Autremont; John Ningark; David Chomiak; John McKay; Beth MacKenzie; Gary Severtson; Sue Barnes; Glenn Hagel
Voter Turnout at Federal General Elections in Canada
Louis Lavoie
Reforming the House of Commons: Lessons from the Past and Abroad
Christopher Garner
The Electoral Benefits and Limitations of Incumbency
Alex Marland
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Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 21 no 4, winter 1998-99

The Ontario Legislative Building
by Anne Bahen
Courtesy of the Ontario Legislative Assembly

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