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The Canadian Region of CPA: A Personal Memoir
Ian G. Imrie
The Evolving Speakership
Gary Levy
The Development of Responsible Government in the Northwest Territories 1976 - 1998
Brian Lewis
Women in Canadian Legislatures 1978-1998
Norma Gauld
Reform of the Committee System in Quebec
Lucie Giguère
The Office of Clerk
E. George MacMinn; Robert Vaive
Interview: Sean Conway MPP, Jacques Baril MNA, John Reynolds MP, Lorne Nystrom MP
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 21 no 2, summer 1998

Speaker Lenthall Asserting the Privileges of the Commons against Charles I
by C.W. Cope, 1866
Courtesty of the Palace of Westminster

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