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Personal Conscience, Caucus Solidarity and Public Responsibility
Mark Koenker
Strategic Polling for Politicians
Richard Dresner
Is Senate Reform a Dead Issue
Normand Grimard
Federal Marriage Legislation
Ronald C. Stevenson
Minority Women in the 35th Parliament: A New Dimension of Social Diversity
Jerome H. Black
Diversity Within Unity: Constitutional Amendments Under Section 43
Kathy Brock
Round Table on Proportional Representation
John McKay; Dennis Richards; Glenn Hagel; Lloyd Johnson; Don Boudria; Dan D’Autremont
Speaker's Ruling
Government Advertising
Chris Stockwell
Speaker's Ruling
Recognition of Official Opposition
Robert Bruce
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 20 no 1, spring 1997

The Tulip Festival
by Shirley Van Dusen
Courtesy of the artist

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