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Print Format (PDF) Vol. 42 no. 4, Winter 2019
Parliamentary Politics Runs in the Family: Yukon's Cable-Edelman Family
David Cumming
Women Achieve Parity in NWT Legislative Assembly Without Guaranteed Seats
Julie Green
The “Right To Bare Arms” Drama: Dress Guidelines in British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly
Janet Routledge
Take off those Olympic mittens, but the goldfish bowl is in order: Props, exhibits and displays in parliaments
Ray McLellan
Ethnoracial Identities and Political Representation in Ontario and British Columbia
Abdoulaye Gueye; Pascasie Minani Passy
Strengthening the Parliamentary Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation: Lessons From Australia
Lorne Neudorf
CSPG conference – Parliament and the Courts
Will Stos
CSPG seminar: The Legislative Role of Parliamentarians
Will Stos
Parliamentary Bookshelf: Reviews
Parliament in the Age of Empire: The Hold of Tradition and the Obligations of Power
Time and Politics: Parliament and the Culture of Modernity in Britain and the British World by Ryan A. Vieira (Oxford University Press) 2015. 199p.
Essays on the History of Parliamentary Procedure in honour of Thomas Erskine May edited by Paul Evans (Hart Publishing) 2017. 347p.
Charles Robert
Parliamentary Bookshelf: Reviews
Dave Meslin, Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy From The Ground Up, Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2019, 384 pages
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New and Notable Titles
Legislative Reports
An Incomplete List of the Ghosts of Queen’s Park
Elena Senechal-Becker

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Vol 42 no 4, Winter 2019

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