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Print Format (PDF) Vol. 42 no. 3, Autumn 2019
Parliamentary Politics Runs in the Family: The Halldorsons
Heidi Rees
The Inception of an International Grand Committee
Alexandra savoie; Maxime-Olivier Thibodeau
She Should Run: An Interview with Laura Ross
Elena Senechal-Becker
Tricorne Tweeting: Alberta’s Speaker Engages the Public and Enhances Democracy
Philip Massolin
The Politics of Seat Reductions in Canadian Legislative Assemblies
Alex Marland
Reducing Seats in a Legislature Must Be Looked at in Context
Lorraine Michael
Instead of Increasing Seats, Provide More Resources to Members of Parliament
Kellie Leitch
Insights into Being the Minister of Education
Patrick Rouble
CSPG Seminar: The #MeToo Movement and Parliament
Charlie Feldman
“Open Parliament”: More Than Data
Wendy Reynolds
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Legislative Reports
Lawrence O’Connor Doyle – Wit and Beheader of Eagles?
David McDonald

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Vol 42 no 3, Autumn 2019

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