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Print format (PDF) Vol. 39 no. 4, Winter 2016
Know Your Mace: Ontario
Letter from the Editor: Focus on Electoral Reform
Will Stos
Democratic Renewal on Prince Edward Island
Jordan Brown
2016 Prince Edward Island Plebiscite on Democratic Renewal
Paul Alan
Electoral Systems and Reform: The Canadian Experience
Harold Jansen; Dennis Pilon; Laura Stephenson
Representation, Accountability and Electoral Systems
Christopher Kam
RAMPing up Parliament – An Alternative to Electoral Reform
Ross Lambertson
A Better Electoral System for Canada: Moderate Proportional Representation With Ranked Ballots
Jean-Pierre Derriennic
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Parliamentary Bookshelf: Reviews
Le Canada français et la Confédération: Fondements et bilan critique. Jean-François Caron and Marcel Martel, eds, University of Laval Press, Québec, 2016, 174 p.
Matthew Hayday
Parliamentary Bookshelf: Reviews
Principles and Gerrymanders: Parliamentary Redistribution of Ridings in Ontario, 1840-1954. George Emery. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 2016, 332 pp.
Mark Sholdice
New and Notable Titles
Legislative Reports
Sketches of Parliament and Parliamentarians Past: Railway Travel, Tea Stains and Legislative History
Valerie Footz

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Vol 39 no 4, Winter 2016

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