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Print format (PDF) Vol. 39 no. 1, Spring 2016
Letter From The Editor – A Focus on Parliamentary Reform
Will Stos
Know Your Mace
Roundtable – Parliamentary Reform: Where We’ve Been and Where We Might Be Going
Kelly Blidook; Jane Hilderman; Gary Levy; Johnathan Malloy; Jack Stilborn; Paul Thomas
Has the Senate Changed Since the 1980s?: Some Quantitative Indicators
Louis Massicotte
Some Suggestions for Incremental Reform of the Senate
Ronald Stevenson
Interest Groups and Parliamentary Committees: Leveling the Playing Field
Marguerite Marlin
Rule by Regulation: Revitalizing Parliament’s Supervisory Role in the Making of Subordinate Legislation
Lorne Neudorf
The Great Fire of 1916 on Parliament Hill
Frank Piekielko
New and Notable Titles
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Legislative Reports
Sketches of Parliament and Parliamentarians Past Paul Martin Sr.: ‘A Good House of Commons Man’
Greg Donaghy

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 39 no 1, Spring 2016

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