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Print format (PDF) Vol. 38 no.2, Summer 2015
Know Your Mace: Northwest Territories
Kaitlyn Vician
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Roundtable: Some Editing Required: Producing Canada’s Hansards
Deborah Caruso; Lenni Frohman; Robert Kinsman; Robert Sutherland
Cinderella at the Ball: Legislative Intent in Canadian Courts
Erica Anderson; Susan Barker
Unpacking Gender’s Role in Political Representation in Canada
Brenda O'Neill
By the numbers: Women parliamentarians
For the record… On being a woman involved in parliamentary politics
Parliamentary Bookshelf
Les surveillants de l’État démocratique : mise en contexte, edited by Jean Crête, Presses de l’Université Laval, Montreal, 216 p.
Gina S. Comeau
Parliamentary Bookshelf
Comparative Federalism and Intergovernmental Agreements: Analyzing Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States, Jeffrey Parker, Routledge Series in Federal Studies, London et New York, 2014, 266 p.
Jörg Broschek
New and Notable Titles
Legislative Reports
Sketches of Parliament and Parliamentarians Past: The Exuberant Life of Emery Barnes
Chris Stephenson

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Vol 38 no 2, Summer 2015

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