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The Interparliamentary Conference on the Diversity of Cultural Expression
Yvon Vallières
A Blueprint for Parliamentary Reform in British Columbia
Linda Reid
Reflections on the Speakership
Peter Milliken
The Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly
Alex Marland
Elementary Kinship Structures in Parliament since 1867
Jacques P. Gagnon
A Declaration of Ethics for Presiding Officers?
Gary O'Brien
Private Members' Bills in Recent Minority and Majority Parliaments
Evan Sotiropoulos
Heckling in the House of Commons
Mackenzie Grisdale
The Transformation of Question Period
Richard S. Conley
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Democratizing the Constitution, Reforming Responsible Government by Peter Aucoin, Mark D. Jarvis, and Lori Turnbull, Emond Montgomery Publications, Toronto, 2011.
Gary Levy
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Gaston Deschênes, L’Affaire Michaud: Chronique d’une exécution parlementaire, Septentrion, Québec, 2010.
Marc-André Roy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 34 no 3, autumn 2011

Confederation Building, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Randy Dawe Photography

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