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The Future of Province House PEI
Olive Crane; Robert Ghiz; Ron MacKinley
A Commonwealth Partnership: Hampton and Piggs Peak
Bev Harrison
The Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly
Wayne MacKinnon
Discretion and the Reserve Powers of the Crown
Peter H. Russell
Tax Bills and the Ways and Means Process
Michael Lukyniuk
A Primer on Federal Specialty OmbudsOffices
Stewart Hyson
The Nomination of Women in the 2010 New Brunswick Election
Marilyne Gauvreau
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Saudi Majlis Ash-Shura: Its National & International Roles by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Muhanna , Riyadh, 2009, 212 pages.
Gary O'Brien
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Politicians above the Law: A Case for the Abolition of Parliamentary Inviolability J.P. Joseph Maingot, with David Dehler, Ottawa: Baico Publishing Inc., 2010.
Gregory Tardi
Prorogation as Constitutional Harm
Johannes Wheeldon
The Authors' Response
James W.J. Bowden; Nicholas A. MacDonald
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 34 no 2, summer 2011

“Province House Promenade”
Tania Doucet
Courtesy of the artist

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