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Some Personal Thoughts on Question Period
Glen Pearson, MP
Reflections on Reforming Question Period
Hon. Jay Hill
Oversight of Regulations by Parliamentarians
Linda Reid, MLA
The Role of the Governor General: Some Lessons from Australia and the Commonwealth
Edward McWhinney
The Role of Parliamentary Officers: A Case Study of Two Officers
David Pond
Toward a Rational Redistribution of Seats in Canada's Senate
Aaron Hynes
Parliamentarians' Influence on Public Policy: The Case of Education
Olivier Bégin-Caouette
The Parliamentary Budget Officer Two Years Later: A Progress Report
Brooke Jeffrey
New Obligations of MPs Under the Lobbying Act
W. Scott Thurlow
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 33 no 4, winter 2010

Sunny Morning Skating on the Canal
Michael Lukyniuk
Courtesy of the artist

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