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Yukon's Self Governing First Nations
Marian C. Horne, MLA
The Coalition Crisis and Competing Visions of Canadian Democracy
Melissa Bonga
Minority Government and Constitutional Convention
Peter H. Russell
Limiting the Government's Power to Prorogue Parliament
Guy Tremblay
British and Canadian Experience with the Royal Prerogative
Bruce M. Hicks
A Dialogue on Youth and Democracy
Amanda Clarke
Why Youth do not Vote?
Emily-Anne Paul
Awaiting the Watershed: Women in Canada's Parliament
Matthew Godwin
Funding the Officers of Parliament: Canada's Experiment
Jack Stilborn
Some observations on the State of Lobbying in Canada
W. Scott Thurlow
Legislative Reports
Lucien Saumur

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 33 no 2, summer 2010

Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
by William G. Hobbs.
Courtesy of the artist and Mercedes Will.

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