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Voter Turnout: A Case Study of Scarborough-Rouge River
Derek Lee, M.P. ; Ryan K. Powell
International Support to Parliaments: A UN Perspective
Kevin Deveaux
Training Parliamentary Journalists in the Developing World
Chris Cobb
Fixed Date Elections, Parliamentary Dissolutions and the Court
Doug Stoltz
The Office of Commissioner of Lobbying
Karen E. Shepherd
A Lobbyist's Observations on the Lobbying Act
Kim Doran
From Ashes to Steel: Rebuilding the Legislative Library of Ontario
Susanne Hynes
Spending Proposals: When is a Royal Recommendation Needed?
Michael Lukyniuk
Electing Senators by the Single Transferable Vote
Aaron Hynes
Parliamentary Book Shelf
House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd Edition, by Audrey O’Brien and Marc Bosc, House of Commons, Ottawa and Éditions Yvon Blais, Montreal.
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Bronwen Bruch
Edmund A. Aunger

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 33 no 1, spring 2010

Confederation Square
by Shirley Van Dusen

Courtesy of the artist

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