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How to be an Effective Speaker
Michel Bissonnet
Accommodation as a Canadian Tradition
Senator Pierre Claude Nolin
Celebrating 250 Years of Representative Government in Nova Scotia
John Hamm
On the Cusp of Change? The Nova Scotia House of Assembly
Jennifer Smith; Lori Turnbull
Fairness in Committees
Rob Walsh
The Committee on Public Administration: Ten Years of Continuity and Progress
Nancy Ford
Fiduciary Duty and Members of Parliament
Lindsay Aagaard
A Parliamentary Budget Officer for Canada
Gary Levy
In Search of Speaker Thomas Bennett
Trine Schioldan
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Two Cheers for Minority Government by Peter H. Russell
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 31 no 2, summer 2008

Province House, Nova Scotia
by Jin rong Chen
Courtesy of the artist

Last Updated: 2020-09-14