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The British Columbia/Washington State Partnership on Enhanced Driver's Licences
Premier Gordon Campbell; Governor Chris Gregoire
A Procedural Note on the Recent Use of Parliament's Power to Summons
Derek Lee
Referendum on the Future of the Senate: A Round Table
Senator Bert Brown; Senator Sharon Carstairs; Senator Lowell Murray; Senator Hugh Segal
Fixed Election Dates and the Governor General's Power to Grant Dissolution
Edward McWhinney
Canada and the Struggle for Democracy Abroad
Robert Miller
How the United States Supports Democratic Development Overseas
Keith Schulz
A Reformed Senate as a Check on Prime Ministerial Power
Evan Sotiropoulos
Women in Politics: Still Searching for an Equal Voice
Raylene Lang-Dion; Ann Wicks
Observations on the Theory and Practice of Parliamentary Government
Ashley Cochran; Heather Cochran
Interview with the Canadian and American Ambassadors
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Uneasy Neighbo(u)rs: Canada, the USA and the Dynamics of State, Industry and Culture by David Kilgour and David T. Jones
Paul Manson
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Québec Parliament Building:  A Monument to History. Text by Gaston Déschênes, Photographes by Francesco Bellomo
Gary Levy
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
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Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 31 no 1, spring 2008

Reflections of Peace (2004)
by Vincent Joseph Verboncoeur
Courtesy of the artist

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