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Accountability and Prosperity
John Williams
Reflections on the Office of Deputy Speaker
Hon. Bill Blaikie
Parliamentary Scrutiny and Redress of Grievances
Paul G. Thomas
The Ombudsman in Manitoba
Irene Hamilton
The Impact of Senate Reform on the Functioning of Committees
Gary O'Brien
The Role of Legislative Officers in Alberta
Donald M. Hamilton
Measuring the Effectiveness of a Minority Parliament
Paul E. J. Thomas
Canada's Chief Electoral Officer: Responsibilities and Independence
John C. Courtney
Equal Voice: Electing More Women in Canada
Raylene Lang-Dion; Ann Wicks
Plain English in Québec Legislation
Lena Day
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 30 no 1, spring 2007

Province House, Nova Scotia
by Laurie Mireau
Courtesy of Province House Collection

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