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A Charter Challenge to Force Electoral Reform
Heather MacIvor
The Select Committee on the Election Act and Reform of the Voting System in Quebec
Charlotte L'Écuyer, MNA ; Martin Lemay, MNA
Women and Trade: Breaking Down the Gender Barrier
Helena Guergis, MP
Women in Politics: A Prince Edward Island Perspective
Olive Crane, MLA
Preserving the Religious Tradition in Quebec
Bernard Brodeur, MNA
Reflections on the Gomery Report and Accountability
Warren Allmand
Improving Government Accountability
Peter Aucoin
Election of a Speaker by Secret Ballot: A Milestone for the House of Commons
Audrey O'Brien
Lobbying and the Public Interest
André Côté
The Wisdom of the Elders: A Round Table on Reform of the House of Commons
Hon. Bill Blaikie, MP ; Hon. Don Boudria; J. Patrick Boyer; Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral; Hon. Lorne Nystrom
Interview with Hon. Garth Turner, MP
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Legislative Reports
Letter to the Editor
Edward McWhinney

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 29 no 3, autumn 2006

Night Lights British Columbia Legislative Assembly
by Grant Fuller
Courtesy of the artist

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