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The Vaid Case and the Protection of Parliamentary Employees Against Human Rights Discrimination
Senator Serge Joyal, PC
Bill 202: The Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Act
Mary-Anne Jablonski, MLA
A Quebec Perspective on Women in Politics
Charlotte L'Écuyer, MNA
The Office of the Auditor General in Ontario
Rebecca Sciarra
Rethinking the Role of Parliamentary Libraries
Gaston Bernier
Round Table: The Changing Role of Legislatures
Hon. Don Boudria; Bob Delaney, MLA ; Alana Delong, MLA ; Yvonne Jones, MHA ; Lloyd Snelgrove, MLA ; Wally Stiles, MLA ; Judy Streatch, MHA
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Legislatures by David Docherty
Rob Leone
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Busboy: From Kitchen to Cabinet by Don Boudria
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene
Letter to the Editor
John C. Courtney
Letter to the Editor
Gavin Guthrie

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 28 no 4, winter 2005

Two Toronto Landmarks
by Guttorn Otto
Courtesy of the artist and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

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