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Determining the Official Opposition in New Brunswick and the House of Commons
Stewart Hyson
A Parliamentary Perspective on the Arctic Council
Charles Caccia
Women Cabinet Ministers in Canadian Provinces 1976-1994
Gary Moncrief; Donley Studlar
Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians
Barry Turner
Televoting for Canadians: Lessons From Party Leadership Contes
Kenneth Carty
Henri Bourassa’s Career in the Quebec National Assembly
Gilles Gallichan
Round Table: Restructuring Education
Lorne Bonnell; David Newman; Roger Pomerleau; William Ramsay; Lillian Ross; Shiraz Shariff; Don Tannas; Ray White
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 19 no 3, autumn 1996

Boats on the Canal
by Shirley Van Dusen
Courtesy of the artist

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