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Controlling the Deficit: An Alberta Perspective
Richard Magnus
Scrutiny of Expenditures in the NWT Legislative Assembly
Henry Zoe
A Private Member Looks at Defence Policy
Sarkis Assadourian
An Environmental Action Plan for British Columbia
Moe Sihota
The Samuel Phillips Data Bank In Parliamentary Procedure
Mathieu Proulx
The New English Standing Orders of the Quebec National Assembly
Charles Bogue
A Note on the Average Age of Senators Since Confederation
Rob Cunningham; Deborah Wehrle
Governance and Information: Myths, Realities and the Future
Cornelius Burk; Garth Graham; Henry E. McCandless
Round Table: Members Pensions and Salaries
Fred Gingell; Elizabeth Hubley; Rose-Marie MacDonald; Richard Magnus; Fabian Manning; Doug Martindale; Alan Mitchell; Greg O'Donnell; Maynard Sonntag; CÚcile Vermette
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Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 17 no 4, winter 1994-95

The Finals
by Katerina Mertikas
Courtesy Art Mode Gallery Ottawa

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