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The Case for Party Discipline
John Reid
Round Table: Reforming the Leadership Convention Process
Eric Cline; Gary Farrell-Collins; Doreen Hamilton; Paul MacEwan; Stan Schumacher; Lenn Simms; Tony Whitford
The End of an Era for the Quebec Legislative Library
Gaston Bernier
Land Claims and Self-Government Agreements in Yukon
Tony Penikett
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Richard Hatfield: Power and Disobedience by Michael Cormier and Achille Michaud
Heath Macquarrie
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Making Government Work by the Public Policy Forum
Gary Levy
Interview: Ontario’s Presiding Officers - David Warner, Gilles Morin, Dennis Drainville, Noble Villeneuve
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 16 no 3, autumn 1993

Shooting the Rapids
by Francis Hopkins
Courtesy Library and Archives Canada

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