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Parliament's Public Relations
Michael MacDonald
Round Table: Nunavut : Vision or Illusion?
Titus Allooloo; Michael Ballantyne; Peter Ernerek; Ipeelee Kilabuk; Bruce McLaughlin; John Ningark; Dennis Patterson; John Pollard; Ludy Pudluk; Tony Whitford
Executive Dominance in Provincial Legislatures
Christopher Dunn
Collective Bargaining Comes to Parliament
George Sulzner
Accountability in Parliament: The Role of the Auditor General
Raymond Dubois
Freedom of Expression, Whistleblowing and the Canadian Charters
Inger Hansen
A Day in the Life of Stanley Knowles
Chris Guly
Interview: Doug Mowat MLA, Percy Wickman MLA
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 13 no 1, spring 1990

Changing of the Guard
by Shirley Van Dusen
Courtesy of Studio Colleen

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