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Some Thoughts on Staffing State Legislatures
Alan Rosenthal
The Politics and Ethics of John George Bourinot
Paul Benoit
Origins of the Confidence Convention
Gary O'Brien
Ombudsmen and Legislatures: Allies or Adversaries?
Robert Runciman
Interview: René Jalbert
Speaker's Ruling
Question of privilege regarding failure of government to return House Order
Arthur Donahoe
Speaker's Ruling
Question of privilege relating to civil action against a member of the Legislature
Herb Swan
Parliamentary Book Shelf
The Office of The Speaker in The Parliaments of The Commonweal by Philip A.C. Laundy
G.A. (Sandy) Birch
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Pour Un Mode De Scrutin Équitable: La Proportionelle Territoriale
Yves de Roussan
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Report On Alberta Elections 1901-1982 and Legislators And Legislatures Of Ontario 1792-1982 by Debra Forman
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
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Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 7 no 3, autumn 1984

Speaker Richard Guay presenting a silver medal of honour to René Jalbert, Sergeant at Arms of the Quebec National Assembly

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