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The Great Debate: Parliament versus Congress
Sir Charles Gordon; Steve Neary; Keith Penner; Morris Shumiatcher
Lobbying the Senate
R.S. Ratner
An Appointed Chamber will Always Lack Credibility
Michael Pitfield
Scrap the Senate and Start Afresh
Bob Rae
A Chamber for Provinces not Regions
Norbert Thériault
The Senate Needs Effective Provincial Representatives
David Peterson
Our Senate Must Maintain Its Independence
Nancy Bell
The Senate Should not be a Carbon Copy of the House
Daniel Lang
Speaker's Ruling
Acceptability of Motions to sit in camera
Richard Guay
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Selected Decisions of Speaker James Jerome 1974-1979
Gary Levy
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Canada's New Access Laws: Public And Personal Access To Government Documents by Donald C. Rowat
David Johansen
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 7 no 1, spring 1984

Gildas Molgat and Paul Cosgrove, co-chairmen, Special Committee on Senate Reform
Tom Littlemore

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