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The Evaluation of Electoral Systems
Marie Lavoie; Vincent Lemieux
The Role of Parliamentary Secretaries
Miriam Vanderhoff-Silburt
Renovating the Interior of Province House, Prince Edward Island
John Way
A Note on the 1982 Prince Edward Island General Election
Agar Adamson
The Review of Delegated Legislation on its Merits
David Mullan
A Rejoinder on the Review of Delegated Legislation on its Merits
Richard French
A New Member Looks at Committees
John MacDougall
Parliament Note Taking in the Public Galleries
Graham White
Ontario's New Legislative Timer
Smirle Forsyth
What’s in a Name: Speaker/Orateur/Président
Gaston Deschênes; Gary Levy
A Little Known Aspect of Parliamentary Immunity
Maurice Champagne
Speaker's Ruling
Inadmissability of Identical Motions
James Walding
Speaker's Ruling
Amendments at report stage
Jeanne Sauvé
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Parliamentary Democracy in Canada: Issues For Reform by Thomas D'Aquino
Robert Jackson
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Le contrôle parlementaire de la législation déléguée
Yvon Thériault
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Report of The Second Commonwealth Conference on Delegated Legislation
Gary Levy
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 6 no 4, winter 1983-84

The Commission on Electoral Representation in Quebec Guy Bourassa, Pierre F Coté and Marc-André Lessard
Ministère des communication du Québec

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