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The Positive Role of A Government Backbencher
George Moody
The Role of the Private Member of Parliament
Stan Hovdebo
The Good Old Days? W. A. C. Bennett and the Legislative Assembly
David Mitchell
The French Jurilinguistics Group of the Department of Justice
Alexandre Covacs
Computerization of Ontario Hansard Reporting Service
Peter Brannan
Youth Parliament of Canada: An Experience in Citizenship
Ruth Wilson
The Speakership in Canada
Robert Fleming; Thomas Mitchinson
What’s in a Name: Parliament and Legislature
Gaston Deschênes; Gary Levy
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Elections British Columbia: The Unique Guide For Provincial Election Participants And Spectators by T. Patrick Boyle
Arthur Goddard
Parliamentary Book Shelf
Stanley Knowles, The Man From Winnipeg North Centre by Susan Trofimenkoff
William Matheson
Legislative Reports
CPA Activities: The Canadian Scene

Canadian Parliamentary Review Cover
Vol 6 no 1, spring 1983

W.A.C. Bennett and Members of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly
Jim Ryan Collection 1960

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