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Print Format (PDF) Vol. 42 no. 1,Summer 2019
Parliamentary Politics Runs in the Family: The Squires
Sean Dawe
Understanding Voter Turnout in Canada: What Data Do We Lack?
Christopher H. Achen
New Brunswick’s ‘Hung Legislature’ of 2018: Completing the Trilogy of Legislative Oddities
Don Desserud; Stewart Hyson
Improving Gender Representation in Canadian Federal Politics and Parliament
Jennifer Galandy; D. Scharie Tavcer
Looking Back on 200 Years at Province House
David McDonald
Parliament and Parliamentary Reform: The Enduring Legacy of C.E.S. Franks
Michael Kaczorowski
Parliamentary Business Seminar on Parliamentary Diplomacy
Charlie Feldman; Paul E. J. Thomas
Gearing Up for the Next Election
Charlie Feldman; David Groves
CPA Activities
Parliamentary Bookshelf: Reviews
Adam M. Dodek, The Charter Debates: The Special Joint Committee on the Constitution, 1980-81, and the Making of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Tom Hooper
New and Notable Titles
Legislative Reports
Stranger Things: Peculiar Sessional Papers in Alberta
Heather Close

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Vol 42 no 1, Summer 2019

Photo: Nova Scotia Legislative Library

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